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Oxygen Safety Consultants, Inc. is proud to offer the following custom-tailored training courses for the purpose of educating personnel and increasing awareness of the oxygen hazard to any individual or group in any industry that uses oxygen. Training is available in many formats and at various levels to meet your needs, including training for engineers, technicians, operators, maintenance crew, quality and safety personnel, managers, and even purchasing agents!

All OSC training is based on the latest international standards from ASTM, CGA, EIGA, NFPA, SAE, ISO, and others. Critical reference material is given as part of the course materials. Just click on a course to link to the course description and outline. Note: Other training courses also available. Just give us a call!

Oxygen Safety Consultants, Inc. Custom-Tailored Courses:

Oxygen System Fire Hazards
Oxygen System Design and Analysis
Oxygen Systems Operation and Maintenance
Oxygen Systems Management
Fire Hazards in Breathing Gas Systems
Several others also available!

OSC partners with WHA International, Inc. (WHA) and also ASTM International to provide oxygen safety training and more. Please visit:


WHA Training: Custom-tailored safety training for oxygen, hydrogen, and oxy-fuel systems, including eTraining! 

ASTM Int'l Training: Oxygen Fire Hazards Training

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